Rolling Halloween

Rolling Halloween

Welcome to Rolling Halloween! You will embark on an adventure with a ball rolling through a dark, scary forest. This charming and wonderful arcade game combines elements from ball games, running, and spooky. This game is popular among gamers because it combines addictive gameplay with a frightening design.

Rolling Halloween is a game where you play as a ball that has to navigate through a number of frightening obstacles, such as monster trees and creepy tombstones. You must be careful to avoid the dangers that lurk at every turn. You must roll or run as far as you can to avoid these spooky creatures. Avoid obstacles such as strange trees and ghostly gravestones. Collect skull boxes for upgrades to support items and to unlock unique Halloween balls. Support items such as magnets, magic wings, shields, and other support items can give you more advantages. Support items are used in a creative way. As you unlock boosters, you will become invulnerable. Magnets will help you attract more skulls, and shields will protect you. Magic wings can give you an edge when you face terrifying monsters. The mysterious skull boxes also unlock a series of exciting Halloween balls.

The beautiful 3D graphics of Rolling Halloween will immerse you in the dark atmosphere of a forest. Avoid the frightening monsters by running and moving as fast as you can. Are you up for the challenge? Play now!

How To Play


  • To move, swipe left or right.
  • You can jump by swiping up.


  • To move, press the left or right arrow keys.
  • Jump by pressing the up arrow.
  • To play the game a second time, press the Space key.

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