Super Mario Halloween Wheelie

Super Mario Halloween Wheelie

Conquer mysterious roads in the free game Super Mario Halloween Wheelie. This is a challenge for expert cyclists. As one of the bravest characters, Super Mario has received his motorbike license and needs your help to complete each distance. Your goal in the game is to ride the Wheelie all the way to the finish line. Help Mario perform difficult stunts with his bike in a unique Halloween scene. At the same time, collect pumpkins to achieve the highest score. Super Mario Halloween Wheelie is not only a puzzle game with great graphics, but also a test of skill and reflexes. You will feel the excitement from the first seconds, and the fun of riding Mario's bike will make your Halloween season more exciting than ever. Prepare for a thrilling adventure with Super Mario Halloween Wheelie!

How To Play

  • Click on the screen to start playing. 
  • Your character will automatically move forward. 
  • Continuously click on the screen to perform and maintain the bicycle driving movement. 
  • If the front wheel touches the ground, the game will be over.

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