Short Life

Short Life

Short Life begins with an adventure with hazardous traps at every corner for the poor ragdoll man. But now, with your help, he can finally advance from one place to the next unscathed—or at least that’s how it seems. Leading the man carefully past obstacles or putting him right in front of dangerous traps—the choice is up to you!

Short Life is a ragdoll-based game in which players try to navigate the ragdoll man through a series of traps, such as cannons, spikes, and more, as they progress in the game. The main goal is for the man to reach the end of the level without sustaining any damage. Try your best to react quickly to possible hazards so the man can see another day!

How To Play

To control the man, press the left and right arrow keys. He can jump with the up arrow key and crouch down with the down arrow key. Pause the game with the P key.

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