Rainbow Friends Chapter 2

Rainbow Friends Chapter 2

Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 begins with the player being stuck in a mysterious place that resembles an abandoned toy production factory. To escape this place, you need to collect 10 toys that are scattered across the place. Unfortunately, your journey won’t be easy with a group of creatures known as Rainbow Friends roaming around the place. They can be quite hostile to intruders and will eliminate you without second thought! Do you have what it takes to retrieve all 10 toys while evading the scary creatures?

Rainbow Friends Chapter 2 features thrilling gameplay as players try to explore the abandoned factory while dodging the grasps of dangerous creatures. Players will need to search every nook and cranny of this place if they want to collect all the toys. Challenge your reflexes and bravery in this thrilling sequel!

How To Play

The game is set from a first-person perspective. Change the viewpoint by moving the mouse. Move around with the WASD keys and press the spacebar to jump.

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