Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic is a thrilling survival game in which players take care of a garden while trying to survive hostile creatures. Can you escape this spooky place?

Keep Your Pumpkin Patch Safe with Pumpkin Panic!

Tis the season, and what is more fitting to celebrate Halloween than…growing a pumpkin patch? However, in Pumpkin Panic, you are not the only one wanting to harvest the biggest pumpkin to carve it into a magnificent jack-o'-lantern! There is an army of moles that threatens to snatch whatever they can from your beautifully-grown garden, be it a small pumpkin sprouting or a large, mature pumpkin. With the help of your assistant, a little black cat, try your best to defend the patch and collect as many mature pumpkins as you can before the timer runs out!

To shoo away the moles, players can simply direct the cat to move to the plots where they are, so they are not able to steal anything. Keep on doing that until the pumpkins mature, which once again can be collected by directing the cat to them. Receive additional benefits, such as adding extra seconds to the timer or boosting the growth speed of the pumpkin, as you collect a certain number of mature ones!

Grow Your Cozy But Spooky Farm in Pumpkin Panic!

Become a proud owner of a beautiful farm in the middle of the forest with Pumpkin Panic! Plant and water crops to make them grow; pick up items scattered around to recycle them; go fishing—anything you want to do! However, it turns out this place may not be as peaceful as it appears to be…

Pumpkin Panic is a spooky survival game that combines two main elements: farming and horror. You could be minding your own business and watering the crops, and the next second you are chased by horrifying creatures! Work your way to expand the cultivation area of your garden, discover more types of seed, and meet all the unfriendly residents in the forest that can eliminate you within a heartbeat! And remember, you only have one chance of survival!

How To Play

Gameplay Basics

Pumpkin Panic begins with the character being woken up by a crow, who later assists them in the basic aspects of the game, beginning with planting and watering crops. On the screen, there are two gauges displaying the water and oil capacities. The water gauge decreases as players water the crops and must be refilled with water from the well nearby. Meanwhile, the oil gauge decreases when players use the lantern during the night and can only be refilled by buying it from the workbench inside the cabin. Once the crops mature, they can be collected for coins, which can be used to acquire additional upgrades and resources from the workbench. This includes enhanced movement speed, more water capacity, better and more profitable crops, and so on.

Unfortunately, the character is not the only occupant in this forest. Quite frequently, once you hear any unnatural noises, the best option is to go back to the cabin and hide until the scary creature disappears. When the night falls, the character has to light up the lantern to navigate in the dark. Continue exploring the island to discover more foes (or friends?) and maybe even a way to escape this spooky place!


  • Players can use the WASD keys to move the character around.
  • Use the F key to pick up items and plant crops.
  • Press the spacebar to water the crops.
  • Hold Shift while moving around to make the character sprint.
  • To use the lantern during the night, press the R key.
  • Hide the bar with the Tab key.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.


  • Spooky and relaxing at the same time! Grow your own garden while escaping the clutches of horrifying monsters!
  • Beautifully animated 2.5D graphics!
  • Tons of seeds and upgrades to discover!
  • With no extra lives and save points, there is only one chance to survive!

List of Upgrades and Resources in Pumpkin Panic

Incremental Upgrades

  • Bucket: This increases the water capacity, so players can water more crops until the gauge runs out completely.
  • Well: This makes it possible to refill the water faster.
  • Boots: This enhances the movement speed of the character, so players can walk around much faster while waiting for the sprint meter to refill.
  • Crops: This increases the value of the crop, so more coins are received for each mature crop harvested.
  • Bag of seeds: This enables players to carry more seeds.
  • Lantern: This expands the range of the lantern’s light, making it easier to navigate and avoid unwanted creatures.


  • Keys: These keys provide players with new planting areas and better seeds. However, these seeds do not multiply after harvesting like the starter one. One special seed is from the purple key, which grows into a plant that can be harvested multiple times before it disappears.
  • Oil refill: To continue using the lantern after the oil gauge runs out, players need to acquire more oil. Each purchase refills half of the oil gauge.
  • Motor piece: This is the most expensive item on the workbench and can later be used to repair and power the ship. The character can only carry two of them at a time.

Tips and Tricks

  • Never ignore a sound: You will learn about musical clues as soon as you are done harvesting your first crops and have your first encounter with one of the hostile creatures of the game. Before it appears, the ominous music always plays. However, at night, you can also hear an eerie song similar to a music box. Choose to ignore and not approach the source of the music, and not even the closed doors inside the cabin can save you!
  • You can’t outrun most of the creatures: Unfortunately, the hostile creatures in Pumpkin Panic can be extremely quick on their feet. Unless you are very close to the door, chances are that they will catch you before you can arrive inside the cabin. Hence, always try to protect yourself preemptively. Get inside the cabin as soon as you hear the ominous music, don’t approach what seems like a harmless creature, and more for you to discover!
  • Pick everything you can find on the ground: One great way to gain more money is by recycling what you can find scattered around the forest. In addition, some items are required to set up the fishing pole, which can give you another quality source of coins.

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Happy gaming!

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