Super Friday Night Funki at Freddys 2

Super Friday Night Funki at Freddys 2

The second part of the hit game series called Super Friday Night Funkin' at Freddy's 2 with Freddy Night characters has come to sing in your nightmares. Select your favorite Freddy song, then press the right arrows for a higher score. Complete levels to unlock more! Prepare yourself to survive the horror musical battle against animatronic creatures. Experience the nightmare with Boyfriend, Chica and Freddy.

Super Friday Night Funkin' at Freddy's 2 is a combination of the excitement of a monster-game with the rhythm and music of a musical game. It's a vibrant, haunting game that will test your skills and make you feel creepy. It's a smooth transition to the first game. The unexpected horror elements are combined with vibrant music for a gaming experience that will make you scream. The game is based on a magical, yet sinister world of Freddy while also challenging players to exciting rhythmic battles. You'll step into the role of the boyfriend or girl as they face off against animatronic characters like Freddy, Chica and other characters in this nightmare. It's simple to increase your score by hitting the correct arrows. Each level unlocks new songs and enemies, each more frightening than the previous.

A wide variety of songs provides a diverse experience. This musical "magic" garden has a song for everyone, whether you like fast techno or slow ballads. This horror arcade game becomes one of the most challenging skill games. Perfecting the timer and hitting every note is almost as frightening as taking on these AI monsters. It may give you nightmares but Super Friday Night Funkin' At Freddy's 2 also offers hours of musical battles that will help you develop your skills. Its innovative fusion between multiple genres makes it an arcade experience that is sure to please everyone from thrill-seeking terror fans to rhythm gamers.

How To Play

  • Choose your favorite Freddy's song.
  • Press the arrows correctly to increase the score.
  • Complete levels to unlock new levels.

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