Among Dash

Among Dash

In Among Dash, players take on the role of an Imposter who is trying his best to get away from the Crewmates for as long as possible! Jump through different hazardous obstacles and try your best to find the best escape track as you try to progress!

If you love challenging games with jumping elements, don’t miss out on Among Dash! This game takes inspiration from both Among Us and Geometry Dash, giving players a brand new gaming experience! There are a series of different obstacles designed to align with the theme of the game, including spiky traps and electric wires. Each time players start the game, a completely new track with different obstacle placements is available, so no gaming session is the same! Make your best attempts to help the Imposter dodge all the incoming obstacles, and make sure he survives for as long as you can!

How To Play

Make the Imposter jump up by clicking the left mouse button.

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