Ghostly Night Harvest

Ghostly Night Harvest

Welcome to Ghostly Night Harvest, a game that combines the peacefulness of picking berries in the evening with protecting your orchard from invading ghosts. In this game, you will step into the role of a devoted farmer. Your mission is to cultivate and grow a rich pumpkin crop during the day and protect it from a ghostly invasion at night. This is a challenge that requires strategic thinking and management skills. You need to plan to develop the farm while fighting scary ghosts.

Ghostly Night Harvest is not just an ordinary harvesting game but also a fascinating adventure between the peaceful world of farming and the battle with the ghosts of the night. With beautiful 3D graphics and creepy background music, you will be immersed in the scary atmosphere of the night. Are you ready for the fight to protect crops? Start immediately!

How To Play

  • Move using WASD keys or a joystick for mobile devices.
  • You can shoot using the Space key or the recurve fire button on your mobile device.
  • To interact with some specific objects, press the corresponding action button or the key that appears next to the interaction.


  • Plan your schedule: Manage your time wisely between growing your garden and preparing for a nighttime invasion.
  • Use resources efficiently. Collect and use resources to improve your weapons and defense items.
  • Good tactics are key. Position yourself and use good tactics to stop the ghost's attack.

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