My Halloween Park

My Halloween Park

Welcome to the spooky amusement park in My Halloween Park. Halloween is approaching, and you are planning to open a scary amusement park to attract customers. However, your money is very limited, so you can only start with the simplest things. Work hard and collect money to expand your park to your liking. You will get the little ghosts for free and make them work for you. Each guest who is scared by Chsung will pay you some money. You can use this money to buy more items, expand the park, or hire more workers. The more you expand the park, the more money you earn. So come up with a perfect business strategy and build your own spooky park.

My Halloween Park is a 3D simulation game with beautiful graphics and spooky but still adorable scenes and characters. My Halloween Park will immerse you in a spooky world where you will become a true Halloween Park boss. Prove yourself as a good boss and start building your own spooky park now. The game begins!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to move the character and get items.

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