Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Embark on life-threatening rides with Happy Wheels! In this game, players have to try their hardest to navigate the character past different tracks without any accidents, which is more than often impossible to do. From fairly normal levels to those that require players to get past a series of absurd obstacles, there is no shortage of things to do with Happy Wheels! Don’t worry; as long as there are parts of the character on the vehicle, you are good to go!

Happy Wheels features a number of enigmatic characters, from the Wheelchair Guy with his jet-powered wheelchair to Irresponsible Dad, who performs stunts while irresponsibly having his kid with him in the back seat! With absurd premises and unique gameplay, Happy Wheels has become one of the first ragdoll-based games to ever exist on the internet!

How To Play

Control the character with the WASD or arrow keys. Use the special ability with the spacebar. For secondary actions, press Ctrl or Shift.

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