Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin'

Take on the role of the Boyfriend who is trying his hardest to ask the Girlfriend on a Friday night date with Friday Night Funkin'! From the Girlfriend herself to her ex-rockstar demon father, the Boyfriend has to prove his skills by competing in freestyle music battles! From simple songs to nigh-impossible beats, do you have what it takes to be able to go on a date with your Girlfriend?

Friday Night Funkin' utilizes funky beats and catchy songs to make the gameplay captivating. The premise of this game is to help the Boyfriend compete with various characters over the span of multiple weeks before he can finally take the Girlfriend on a date. To do that, players will have to find the right timing to press the relevant button as soon as they fit into the frame of the game. Prepare for the nightmare-ish beats as you progress to the end of the game!

How To Play

  • Press the WASD or arrow keys, depending on the game’s command.
  • Select with Enter, and pause the game with the Esc key.
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