Alone II

Alone II

Test your courage and logical thinking with Alone II! The game begins with you, the player, waking up after someone suddenly hits you in the head. Being in an unfamiliar place, you will have to scramble around to find the clues, solve different puzzles, and escape this terrifying place!

Alone II gives players the ultimate immersion with its first-person point of view and harrowing atmosphere. Players will need to uncover the truth and find the escape route from the place as they try to navigate in the dark (literally). Use the items scattered across the place to unlock the door to the house and find the car key to get away from this place with a car. Do you have what it takes to arrive at your friend’s place safely?

How To Play

Use the WASD keys to move around, and move the mouse cursor to change your camera viewpoint. Press the E key to interact with items.

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