Backrooms Escape 1

Backrooms Escape 1

Backrooms Escape 1 begins with players waking up inside a realm that looks nothing like the real world. The area is a never-ending maze of office cubicles with mushy yellow wallpaper and flickering fluorescent lights. However, it seems like you are not the only one in here since there is an army of terrifying creatures who will do everything they can to dispose of any intruders! Be quick on your feet and find the way out of this unsettling place!

Backrooms Escape 1 is based on a popular urban legend that describes a mysterious place that only those who have “noclipped out of reality” can reach. Fortunately, in this game, there is a way out of this cursed place, but it requires players to explore the maze and collect all seven planks. With them, all that’s left to do is find the escape route and build a ladder to reach it! Beware of the roaming creatures, since they can take you down with just one hit!

How To Play

Move around with the WASD keys and interact with the game using your mouse.

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