Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster

Transform into Sailor Moon and destroy monsters in Bubble Monster. In the mysterious night, bubble monsters appear in the sky. Transform into a sailor moon with the golden power of moonlight to destroy them. These monsters are very strong, so you can only destroy them when they are in the bubble and appear in the sky. If they have escaped the bubble, you will have no way to destroy them. You must quickly destroy them. If they escape the bubble and gather five members, you will be destroyed. Your power is limited, so use it wisely. Become a beautiful sailor moon to fight monsters to protect this beautiful Earth. Let's start the game!

How To Play

  • Touch the bubble to destroy the monster inside.
  • If you're late, five monsters have time to hatch. They are already there, and nothing will stop!
  • Choose ready-made cards or create your own in the editor.
  • Share with friends with their cards.

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