Crown Run Western Zombies

Crown Run Western Zombies

Enter the apocalyptic world of Crown Run Western Zombies, where the tables are turned and instead of fighting zombies, you become one! Plunge into the mayhem of the undead and begin your quest for the human brain, creating massive zombie hordes to reign supreme as the deadliest creatures on Earth. Your goal is clear, which is to spread your undead population. Collect as many brains as possible and turn humans into your accomplices. Enhance the abilities of your zombie warriors by investing resources in attack power and increasing their HP stats. The game introduces five warrior types, each contributing uniquely to the strength of your army.

This game involves navigating a large and detailed map. You can observe cities and biomes from an aerial perspective. The streets are bustling with living creatures, but be careful not to lead your sizable mob into crowded areas where they could get trapped. Confrontation with other undead groups is inevitable, so destroy all opponents strategically to win.

How To Play

Setting up control in this game is very simple. Armed with only a mouse button or touchpad, you start with two infected individuals. Your goal is to grow your army by finding resources in a chaotic world filled with panicking humans. Left-click (LMB) and drag your undead squad in the direction you desire. However, don't expect speed and agility from the undead; they move slowly and have difficulty moving.

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