Get The Watermelon

Get The Watermelon

Get The Watermelon is a 2D animation game. This is a puzzle game with fruit images, creating a fun and creative puzzle experience. In this game, your mission is to merge fruits to create bigger objects and place them at the bottom of the screen to get a high score. The interesting thing is that you need to adhere to the merge order, and predicting the falling empty spaces is the key to success.

Get The Watermelon is not only a puzzle game but also a challenge to your thinking and acumen. Can you continuously play and try to merge fruits to reach the top of the leaderboard? Let the adventure begin, and feel the creativity in how you merge these fun fruit pieces!

How To Play

  • Use swipe or mouse movements to release the target and let the fruit fall.


  • Prioritize larger items: Merge and place larger fruit objects to achieve the highest score.
  • Gap prediction: Look ahead and predict falling gaps for the best strategy.
  • Managing the next fruit: Always keep the next fruit in mind for the best consolidation plan.

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