Halloween 2018 Jigsaw

Halloween 2018 Jigsaw

Halloween 2018 Jigsaw is a puzzle game with an interesting Halloween theme that you will hardly miss. This game will have Halloween-themed pictures corresponding to different levels. Only after going through the previous levels can you unlock the next picture. In each picture, there will be three levels: easy, medium, and difficult, for you to choose from. Our advice is that you should start at an easy level, practice, and then gradually progress to a difficult level. With more difficult levels, the number of puzzle pieces you need to combine will increase. So let's start with the smallest number of pieces. Once you get used to the picture, your painting will be easier. Let's start this picture matching game and discover many interesting pictures about Halloween.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to move the puzzle pieces.


  • Let's start with the main image of the painting first, then combine the surrounding contexts.

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