Halloween Scarry Heads

Halloween Scarry Heads

Halloween Scarry Heads is a challenging puzzle game with a creepy atmosphere. The main characters of this Halloween-themed game are the severed head of Frankenstein's monster and many varieties of zombies. Heads of the dead will slowly rain down from the sky. The monster-shaped boxes will descend from above in a specific order; your job is to carefully steer the pumpkin into each one. As soon as all the silhouettes are exposed, you will earn a point and a new set of heads will slowly advance toward the cells. To alter the layout of the playing field, you must manipulate the jack-o'-lantern on it. The objective is to make as many valid combinations of terrifying heads as possible. The higher your score, the more problems you'll have to solve. Now is the time to begin the challenge!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or the mouse to move the pumpkin.

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