Impostor Assassin

Impostor Assassin

Go on a dramatic assassination spree in Impostor Assassin, an exciting role-playing adventure game. In this game, you will play the role of a spy infiltrating the spaceship of the characters in Among Us. Even though you're disguised, they will still recognize you. Be careful when hiding between the boxes to avoid being discovered. Try to collect all three stars to achieve the best results. Most importantly, sneak up on them from behind their backs. If they come back or you are discovered when the light comes, you will die. These characters will not move in a fixed direction, and you cannot see the entire warehouse but can only see them when they appear at a close distance. So be careful to avoid them and approach them to destroy them.

As one of the versions of Among Us, these lovely, colorful characters will give you a feeling of excitement when starting the game. This assassination mission game will give you thrilling and heart-pounding moments that you have never had before. With a unique combination of plot and context, it will bring you tense confrontations.

Impostor Assassin has over 100 levels, with difficulty increasing as you progress. You can unlock six different assassins by completing each level. Each character has unique abilities and personalities, which provide a diverse gameplay experience. Every move and every attack will bring you rewards. Survival is the goal!

Join this thrilling adventure. Wage war on espionage and embrace your inner warrior in this fascinating space world. Impostor Assassin is an action-packed game where you must use stealth to eliminate the impostors.

How To Play

  • Click on the location you want to move to.

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