Mob Control

Mob Control

In Mob Control, players’ role is to capture the enemy base as quickly as possible. To do that, you will need to grow your own dedicated army by moving them through multiplier portals. With the advantage of the sheer number of people, try your best to push back the enemy force and take their base as your own in this highly addictive arcade game!

Mob Control features simple yet addictive gameplay. All players need to do is control the cannon capable of launching people and direct it to the multiplier portals. With each person passing through the portal, their number multiplies, and soon you will have your own grand army! As players progress, it will become harder to aim at the portals, so try your best to make your people pass through as many portals as possible!


How To Play

Drag the cannon to the left or right to steer it. Hold the mouse button to launch people in the desired direction.

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