Save The Pumpkin

Save The Pumpkin

Celebrate Halloween with Save The Pumpkin, a highly addictive game that will put your timing skills to the test! In this game, players take control of a Pumpkin as he tries to escape from the clutches of evil creatures. However, there is no way out but to go up, and this path is full of obstacles! How high will you be able to lead the Pumpkin?

The controls for Save The Pumpkin are very simple. Players only need to click to make the Pumpkin go up. The more you click the mouse, the quicker he will ascend. However, there are tons of dangerous obstacles that threaten the Pumpkin, such as the moving metal bars. To dodge them, you will need to find the right timing in order for the Pumpkin to get past them without touching anything. Good luck!

How To Play

Click to make the Pumpkin jump up. Click multiple times to get him up faster.

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