TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

TrollFace Quest: Horror 3

Trollface Quest Horror 3 is back with even more scary and bizarre situations. Help unfortunate people escape horror by swapping items, directing others to do something else, or countering the situation by doing something unexpected and even more bizarre!

If you love horror games, expect to have a good laugh with Trollface Quest Horror 3. Each level of this game contains a comical recreation of climax scenes from horror movies and games. From Granny to Silent Hill, this game will overwrite all the fearsome memories that you used to have from when you played these games! Some levels can be quite straightforward, while others require players to think outside the box or just click at things randomly until something works. However, it is always exciting to watch the scene unfold in a direction you never expected with Trollface Quest Horror 3!

How To Play

Click to interact with the game. Try to change the situation so everyone can laugh at the end!

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