Ultimate maze! Collect them all!

Ultimate maze! Collect them all!

Ultimate Maze! Collect Them All! is an interesting puzzle game that people who love intellectual games cannot miss. At Ultimate Maze! Collect Them All! You will help adorable animals complete assigned tasks. At each level, you will see a different maze appear, and small animals can get stuck at any location in that maze. Your task is to help the little animal find the exit marked by the flag, collect all the assigned items, or simply move throughout the maze. There are many pitfalls that can appear while moving. Be careful with your choices; if you make the wrong choice more than the prescribed number of times, you will fail. Observe carefully and choose the most accurate and shortest direction to the goal. Overcome them all, and you will become the maze king. Come play with us and experience this exciting adventure.

How To Play

  • Click or swipe on the arrow indicating the direction you need to move.
  • The mission of each level will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Collect or buy tools to clear obstacles.

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