Undead 2048

Undead 2048

Test your courage and wits in the game Undead 2048. This game will take you into a gloomy castle, home to scary monsters and evil witches. Your task is to move the little monsters to pair them together. Once paired, they will evolve into larger monsters. Pair them up so they can pair up with other fish. After pairing, they will leave gaps, and possibly new monsters will appear again. Keep pairing them so they become top-level creatures. And note that these monsters can only move in horizontal or vertical rows; each move will pull all the other rows. Therefore, calculate carefully so that the monsters can pair together without filling up the board.

Undead 2048 is a game built on the traditional 2048 game. Not only does Undead 2048 challenge the player's intelligence with boring numbers, but it also gives players more interesting experiences with monsters and a dark Halloween atmosphere. The game creates a highlight when all of the game's menus are transformed into different rooms in a dark castle. This interesting change gives players the feeling of adventuring into a dark and creepy castle.

If you are a 2048 game enthusiast or just someone who loves new feelings, try this unique game now. Be the player with the highest score and get your name on the castle board. Start the game now!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.
  • Use the mouse to click on each character to upgrade them (in case you cannot pair with the character next to it).

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