Witch Magic Academy

Witch Magic Academy

Welcome to Witch Magic Academy, where you will transform into an apprentice witch and learn all the magical formulas to create demons.
On a beautiful day, you, an ordinary girl, were chosen to become a student at the Witch Magic Academy. You can choose your appearance, be a white or black girl, have long or short hair,... After joining the academy, you can choose for yourself the costume of a witch. When you come to class, you must observe the formula and complete tasks to collect ingredients for your magic pot. There are different missions and ways to complete missions; observe and remember the ingredients carefully to complete the challenge and collect them. Each missing ingredient will cause this spell to spawn a different demon, so try to find enough ingredients to achieve the highest score.
Are you ready to join the magic academy and become a talented wizard? Get started today at Pumpkin Panic.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse and keyboard.

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