Connect The Halloween

Connect The Halloween

Connect The Halloween is an attractive Halloween-themed game built on the classic connecting game. With typical Halloween characters, the game gives players the scary feeling of Halloween night. In this game, players will have to connect similar monsters together. Connecting lines can only go vertically or horizontally, and they also cannot intersect. Therefore, players need to have reasonable calculations to be able to connect similar characters together without being cut off from other connections. Players also need to make sure that the seams cover the entire game board, so the new player becomes the winner.

This game includes six levels, from difficult to easy, for players to choose from and challenge themselves. The more difficult the level, the more characters will increase, and the difficulty will also increase accordingly. In each level, the player has 24 mini-levels to complete. After completing each level, the player will receive the corresponding number of stars. Are you ready to challenge yourself and complete all 144 challenges in this game? Start hooking up now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and move the mouse to draw the seam.

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