Spooky Sort It

Spooky Sort It

Challenge your agility with Spooky Sort It, an exciting Halloween puzzle game. Halloween is coming, and many scary creatures will appear. They can be ghosts or colorful, bizarre creatures. In this game, you will meet colorful monsters trapped in different tubes. Your task is to help them move to other tubes so they can stay in the same tube with their peers. Remember, they don't like guys of different colors; if you move them to a tube with a monster of a different color, they won't move. Find a way to arrange monsters of the same color together. Once you have arranged all the monsters in the same tube, you will win.
Spooky Sort It has two different options: easy and hard. On easy levels, your challenges will be easier and the number of monsters will be lower. However, the number of points you receive is also lower. At difficult levels, the challenge will be much more difficult, but you will win more points. The choice lies with you! Start testing your agility, intelligence, and strategy to win this game and get the highest score. Start conquering challenges now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to click.

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