Groomy Island

Groomy Island

Groomy Island is the latest 3D online horror game that horror game enthusiasts cannot miss. The game's plot and main character are Grimace Shake, an old mascot of McDonald's fast food restaurants. To vent his anger over having a new mascot replace him, Grimace Shake went to a deserted island and built his scary traps. Upon starting the game, you will find yourself on an uninhabited island. At first glance, it looks like there are no signs of humans; however, there will be eyes staring at you hidden deep in the darkness. To survive on this island, you need to find ten cocktail grimaces. You will receive instructions the first time you look for the shake. During the next shake, you will have to search for it yourself. Be careful, because there is always a monster hidden deep in the darkness watching you. It won't be fun every time you complete a shake because it will get him destroyed. As long as you don't let him catch you, avoid him by hiding, running away, or both. If you get caught, you will lose and have to start over. Let's start the game now. Good luck!

How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys to move around the map.
  • With a shift to run faster
  • With the spacebar to jump.

Give your best to reach the ten spots where you will find a Grimace Shake so that you can collect all of them, all in the dark, using only a flashlight to see your path in front of you.

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