Halloween Hidden Pumpkins

Halloween Hidden Pumpkins

Welcome to the spooky pictures in Halloween Hidden Pumpkins. In this game, you will see dark pictures appearing on the Halloween theme. And there will be naughty pumpkins hidden in there. Your task is to find all five pumpkins. Observe carefully, because they hide very well. They can be on treetops, on rooftops, or even in the sky. They can also hide deep in the dark or behind animals. Look carefully to find them all.

Halloween Hidden Pumpkins is a game built on traditional hidden games. However, it has been renewed with a spooky Halloween theme, making the game more attractive. The characters and backgrounds have also been refreshed to match the players' current aesthetics. Halloween Hidden Pumpkins appears with pictures of dark forests, abandoned houses, hundreds of years-old trees, and iconic Halloween characters such as pumpkins, pumpkins, and spiders. All of them make this game have a Halloween style and make players feel immersed in an exciting jungle adventure. Let's start this game and find the pumpkins now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to click on pumpkins.

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