Home Appliance. Insurrection

Home Appliance. Insurrection

Home Appliance. Insurrection is a novel game with a robot theme that you will hardly miss. This game is set in a house in modern times. It's a smart home, using artificial intelligence with lots of cameras and computers throughout the house. However, during the system upgrade process, an error occurred. The entire electronic system in the house turns its back on the owner; they have their own thoughts and actions. In each room, there will be a master computer that controls everything. Your task is to help the owner move through the rooms, avoid the raids of robots and cameras, reach the location of the computer in the house, restart it, and regain control. Be careful because the camera and robot move continuously around the room. The red positions are the ones that can be scanned, so calculate your timing and moves to avoid touching these red boxes. If they detect you, you will lose. Try to find the shortest and safest route to reach the server's location, and don't forget to collect stars along the way. To get through the doors, you will probably need a key. Find the location of the key and collect it. Be smart and skilled to regain control of the house from evil robots. Are you ready to overcome the game's 27 levels? Start the game now!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move.

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