Potion Ingredient Match

Potion Ingredient Match

In Potion Ingredient Match, you are a witch student practicing making potions. A magic potion requires a lot of ingredients. They float in the air. You have to find the right ingredients before putting them in the boiler. You will need to find the same ingredients to put in both halves of the pot. Components may be hidden behind other components, so look for them. Finish quickly before time runs out. Otherwise, the potion will be damaged. The harder the level, the more ingredients you need to add. A combination game with a unique and difficult twist The success of your bartending depends on your ability to choose the correct ingredients. Avoid mixing anything that could have unpleasant side effects. Can you match all the potions before time runs out?

How To Play

  • Take note of the matrix of ingredients for the potion.
  • Click to swap ingredients in order to make groups of three or more of the same kind.
  • Get rid of the necessary amount of ingredients or complete the essential tasks within the allotted number of turns.
  • Gain experience and unlock new levels by accomplishing the goals set for you at each one.

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