Save My Pumpkin

Save My Pumpkin

Welcome to an enchanting Halloween-themed adventure with Save My Pumpkin, where you'll be thrust into a nocturnal wonderland. In this world, you will have to use your drawing skills to protect a pumpkin from danger. At the start of each level, you will see a pumpkin and the dangers surrounding it. Your task is to create a barrier to keep the pumpkin safe. Be careful because enemies can find many ways to harm your pumpkin. With each level, you'll discover new challenges and surprises, making every moment of the game an exciting, spooky adventure. 

Save My Pumpkin, with its spooky appeal and engaging gameplay, has become a favorite game of the young and the young at heart. This game is not just about simple drawing but also requires strategy, speed, and artistic flair to win. It can be said that Save My Pumpkin is a creative adventure that requires both skill and precision and is an opportunity to challenge your creativity and quick thinking. Are you ready to embark on this enchanting journey to rescue this spooky pumpkin? Let's start a magical adventure on Halloween night with Save My Pumpkin.

How To Play

  • You may start drawing the boundary line using the left mouse button, and after you're finished, you can let go of it to make the structure.

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