Zombie Mod - dead block zombie defense

Zombie Mod - dead block zombie defense

Stepping into a world overrun by zombies in Zombie Mod - Dead Block Zombie Defense, you will get acquainted with heart-stopping chaos right from the first seconds. In this game, you fall into the apocalyptic world, when zombies have invaded the whole world. You only have one last line of defense against the aggressive zombies. Fortify your position, strategize your defense, and fight for survival against the relentless waves of the undead. You will have to use all your survival skills, such as shooting, setting up protective fences, climbing, etc. Can you overcome the onslaught and become the ultimate zombie killer in this action-packed and intense tower defense game?

How To Play

  • To move around, press A/D.
  • To shoot, press E.
  • To take the gun, press SPACE.
  • Hold the arrows and move around.
  • To kill your enemies, simply tap the shoot button.

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