Zombie Paradise - Fury Road

Zombie Paradise - Fury Road

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic highways in Zombie Paradise - Fury Road. In this game, you will drive your car through roads full of zombies and broken cars. Avoid obstacles; focus your mind on the road. And remember that the faster you go, the more dangerous you will be and the more explosions you will cause! You can drive your truck along an endless road, or you can go head-to-head with other vehicles in the arena. If you are the last person standing and defeat the zombie boss, you will be rewarded with incredible rewards. Enjoy this thrilling challenge by investing your winnings in new vehicles.

How To Play

This game lets you choose between two modes: Fury Road and Arena. You can choose to race at night or during the day in Fury Road mode. This game mode will have you behind the wheel and trying to accumulate as many miles as possible for maximum points. You'll encounter a lot of zombies on the way. Crashing into them will earn you money and bonus points. You'll need fuel to go anywhere, so don't just focus on getting it. You can choose to play either the "Alpha" or "Beta" versions of Arena. The "Alpha" option allows you to race against vehicles of the same model and make. You can choose Beta to race vehicles of different makes and models. The primary goal of this mode is to eliminate the competition. Stay alive as long as you can.


  • Use the arrow key to control your vehicle. 

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