VEX 3 Xmas

VEX 3 Xmas

Christmas is approaching, and the stickman is back in a new version of the game Vex: Vex 3 Xmas. Building on the success of the original Vex series, this special edition takes players into a frozen world filled with Christmas and winter-themed challenges. The gameplay of Vex 3 Xmas retains the core mechanics that have made the Vex series successful but has changed according to this special theme. In this version, the game takes place on a snow-covered land. Players must overcome obstacles made of candy and Christmas decorations and pass through pine forests. Players can jump, climb walls, and perform other maneuvers with precision, as long as they can safely overcome traps and obstacles. As you progress through the winter wonderland, you'll encounter increasingly complex levels, each more enchanting than the last. Can you navigate the icy terrain, overcome the holiday-themed challenges, and reach the ultimate goal? Capture the spirit of the season and embark on an adventure that combines the magic of Christmas with the excitement of precision platforming. Get ready for a festive journey in Vex 3 Xmas.

How To Play

  • Move with the arrow key or WASD.

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